• Specialists in Family Law and Immigration Law

      Franssen Advocaten was established on 1 December 2013 as a niche law firm in Amsterdam dealing exclusively with immigration law and international family law. We advise international clients in particular, such as expats.

      Thanks to our many years of experience, we can properly and expertly advise our clients on all immigration law matters, including residence permits, work visas, and the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty visa. We provide legal assistance when bringing a foreign partner or family members from abroad, and we can also help with international divorce, support payments and the settlement of shared property. We excel in international family law procedures such as international adoption, visitation rights, custody and paternity. In some cases mediation can be conducted in English.

      Our lawyers are experts who are affiliated with professional associations such as the Association for Family Law Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFAS) and the Specialist Association for Migration Law Attorneys (SVMA).

    • Recent News

      By Peggy Franssen If you live in the Netherlands as an expat family and one of the parents decides to move back to their home country with the children, there are some obstacles you may encounter. Here are a few things you should bear in mind, and - in the case of a conflict between parents - [...]

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      by Dr. Jeremy B. Bierbach Note: this summary of your rights and of the Dutch government policy on British citizens after a no-deal Brexit is my best attempt at rendering a complex subject simple. I will not accept any liability for any negative consequences you may suffer from relying on this [...]

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